Garage Door Repair Company in Suffolk, Virginia

The inevitable has happened to you. You need to get out of the house to go to work or to a meeting, and you see that your garage door is not working well. Maybe it is not even opening at all. What can you do? Who can you call? If you ever feel trapped in your own home, you need to know that we here at our company can offer you the best aid for all of your garage door problems. In order to show you that we are a professional company who can help everyone in the Suffolk area, Virginia, we have decide to talk to you about all of the services that our company offers you, what we can do to help, if we can come and repair both residential and commercial garage doors and overall, just what you can expect from us. We know that generally speaking looking for a garage door repair company can be a bit of a gambling game so this is why we have decided to write this article. You will know us, everything that we can do and more and if you are interested in any of our services feel free to call us, and a customer representative will be right there to talk with you.

About Our Garage Door Repair Company

You need to know that we are a team of people who work closely to understand the exact issue that you are facing with your garage door, how to fix it and how to get there as soon as possible if it is an emergency. Our repair representatives can fix almost every issue possible with your garage door, from panels to springs, rollers and track repair options. Now, if we do not know how to fix it or if (most likely) the particular part that is broken from your garage door is past the point of repair, we will gladly talk to you about alternatives, about parts that you can purchase in order to fix the broken garage door. Know that garage door repair is not something easy to do which means that trying to fix it by yourself is not recommended at all. In the best case scenario, you might be able to fix the issue. However, some repairs may only come at surface level which means that there needs to be a professional there in order to assess how each part of the door works. In a worst case scenario, you might even do more damage to your garage door or even hurt yourself in the process, which is why we must stress yet again the need for a professional garage door repair representative.

We offer services for both residential and commercial garage door repair

A residential garage door and a commercial garage door do vary in terms of how often they are used, where they are used, the parts that they are made out of, and more repair problems or issues that can vary from one garage door type to another. Here at Garage Door Repair Company in Suffolk, Virginia we have decided to specialize in both kinds of garage doors in order to try and help as many people as possible when they encounter a garage door issue that needs repairing. What we want to focus on is tailoring the customer experiences that we have with our clients in order to quickly respond to their problems, find a way to fix the situation and come with a respectable time table to their residence or commercial address in order to get to work and deliver one of the best quality services that you can find in the Suffolk, Virginia area.

What brands do we work with?

Knowing the brands that we work with can be a good thing for you and us as a company as well. It will not be uncommon at all for you to hear us ask you what brand is your garage door or garage door opener since it can give us a good understanding of the components that you have and what we might need to bring in order to repair the issue. Now, in terms of the actual brands that we work for, there are two main categories: opener brands and garage door brands. When it comes with garage door brands, here we can talk about the overhead door, Ammar, Wayne Dalton, Rollup Door, Haas door and last but not least, C.H.I. In terms of opener brands, here we must refer to Wayne Dalton yet again, to Linear, Chamberlain, overhead, Genie, Lift Master, Stanley, and Craftsman.

What can we do for you?

You as a customer will always want to know what a particular company can offer you in terms of its services. This is why we have decided to provide you with a list of common repairs that we can offer you and talk a bit about them, what they imply and other relevant details. This will help you better understand just what you can get from us. Now, if by some chance the particular issue that you are not experiencing is not on our list this does not mean that we can not help you in fixing it. Feel free to give us a call, and a representative will walk you through the issue that you are experiencing with your garage, and they will also tell you what steps need to be taken and then a repair representative will arrive at a date and time that you can set up and go over the repair process. Know that for any problem there is a solution, and there is no reason why this particular life philosophy cannot be applied to our work as a garage door repair company. The services that we will now mention are same day services for both residential and commercial garage doors.

Spring repair

This is perhaps one of the most common problems that people encounter when their garage doors start to malfunction. This type of problem is easily identified when your garage door stops working correctly, meaning that the uneven movement of the door happens. Most garage doors have one center torsion spring which is calibrated tight. Now, change or alterations done by someone who is not a professional is not recommended. You can seriously put yourself in harm’s way if you try and fix this problem by yourself. This is why we recommend that you call us so that we can solve this problem for you. Now you may be wondering how long this process will take us. Usually, recalibrating, changing or even fixing the torsion spring can take up to a couple of hours which means that it will take us some time to get it over with. Now, what we offer you for this amount of time that you have to spend to wait for your garage door to be fixed is making sure that your torsion spring is back up to speed, perfectly safe and calibrated for use.

Panel repair

The panel part of a garage door is perhaps the largest functioning part of it, which means that issues can always arise with it from a variety of causes. There are a variety of styles available for garage doors and your probably own one of the three most popular. There are sectional, traditional and carriage garage door panels. We offer repair services for all three of them. Since the traditional panel is made up of a single large panel which can be titled open with a spring mechanism, the problem that we see most often from our clients is that the spring has broken or stopped working the way it was meant to. Now, the carriage door panel resembles, as the name suggests, the doors that carriage houses had back in the day. These doors hang from hinges and swing open inwards. Here, panels can break from the hinges or, as these doors are often made out of wood panels, the panels can rot and need to be changed. Last but not least, the sectional panels are the panels that come mounted on tracks, which are hinged together. They open and close with a remote garage door opener, and the problems that we see here is that the panels can break off or that the remote control can have issues, something that we will further discuss in one of the next parts.

Cable repair

You can experience another widespread problem: the garage door closes up quickly. If it just falls to the ground, this means that there is a problem with the cables. The cables that pull the doors up and down are likely to have been broken off. Now, the good part is that we can repair this easily since replacing chains and calibrating them is not a difficult task. However, please be aware that the installation process does take a while, and it can not be done in just a couple of hours. As with some of the previous topics that we have discussed, please do not attempt to do this by yourself. You may find cheap cables online but trying to install them by yourself is not a good idea. Why? Because you can harm yourself, install them the wrong way and perhaps do more damage to your garage door in the process. We all want to believe that we can learn to do anything with online aid. However, while changing a broken chain may seem easy, please ask for professional help, it will take less time than trying to figure it out on your own, it will pose you no health risks, and it will lead to a job expertly done.

Roller repair

This is by far one of the easiest problems that can be fixed in almost no time. If you see that the rollers on your garage door have stopped working, you can call us up and ask us to replace them. The replacements, almost regardless of the model, are very cheap. If your garage door just will not budge or it takes considerable effort to be moved, the rollers are the problem. Rollers can break or get damaged from a variety of issues. Most often it can be something as small as a pebble or just a completely damaged roller that got caught on something or that just malfunctioned.

Track repair

Sectional garage doors need a track for the door to be rolled in order to allow access. Now, the track can get damaged from time to time. How does that happen? Well, dents can be made from pushing too hard on the track, damaging it with the wheels from your vehicle or any other unrelated issues. Most of the time you are not even aware that you warped or dented the track unless you try to open up the garage door the next day and its movement is either uneven or completely halts at a certain point. If that happens, call up a professional. In some of the cases, the dent may be small enough for you to fix up all by yourself, but this does not mean that the track will not get damaged or even suffer small breaks in that particular fragment. If the dent is small enough for you to fix on your own, this means that it hardly poses any problem for your garage door. Nevertheless, if you live in the Suffolk are in Virginia do give us a call and a friendly representative will be over soon enough to aid you in fixing that pesky garage door.

Opener issues and installation

Another common issue that we have encountered with a lot of our customers is that the door will just refuse to open or close. Most of the times this is associated with a problem that comes with the opener of the garage door. Sometimes it can be as simple as just changing the battery of your opener, but other times the issue can be more complicated, meaning that the opener needs replacing. With our same day services, we also offer to install the opener for you. This is a process that does not take a lot of time, but it something that some people struggle with. Our repair representatives know how to fix some of the smallest issues during the installation process. If it seems like it cannot be fixed and that there is no way to go around it, our representative(s) will undoubtedly find a way to move past that.

Sensor repair

If your garage door is stuck some way and does not want to budge, it can also be an indicator that there is a problem with the sensor. Now, if your garage door does come with a sensor system that detects movement in order to open and close the door, sometime that sensor can be obstructed. If it is obstructed it will fail to pick up on movement and therefore malfunction. Now, if there are no obstructions in the way, this can mean that there is a larger problem at hand. Now, this can be easily fixed. Someone from our will drop by, discuss the issues that you are experiencing and then try and find a solution and fix the sensor so that it works properly yet again.

Garage door inspection

Garage door maintenance is something that you will need to think about seriously. Maintenance is great because it helps prevent bigger problems from happening, just as spring malfunctioning, cables breaking, tracks bent and more that we just previously talked about. Now, with a same-day manual inspection what you get from us is a door and opener analysis. We can also check the spring tension, how well the door is lubricated and more, all tailored to the type of door that you have. The good thing about this service is that we check everything to make sure that the door is up to speed. If something is detected, we will fix the small issue so that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of dealing with it as it worsens later on.

Remote control programming

We also specialize in dealing with the remote control part of the installation process of a garage door. These things do not take a lot of time to complete which is why we offer them in our same day service package. All in all, Garage Door Repair in Suffolk, Virginia is the answer to all of your garage door repair issues. We offer same day services to fix the problems that are easy to detect and to replace. We also specialize in repair tasks that can take multiple days to complete, but in order to determine just what time frame best works for you as a customer and for us as a company, please feel free to give us a call if you have any problems. A customer service representative will be there to guide you and to determine just what you need to get fixed when it can be fixed and how can this process happen so that by the end of it you are satisfied with our work and we are happy to have completed another customer request.